ELLZ Hemp Pre Rolls Original

ELLZ Hemp Pre Rolls Original

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This pack of ELLZ Originals comes with two hand-rolled blunts made of organic hemp rolling paper. Inside each of these pre-rolls is one gram of ground-up hemp flower. They’re carefully tucked inside a foil pouch with a resealable zipper to keep them fresh and potent. Given the small size and portability of the ELLZ Originals, they’re convenient to take on the go, on a hiking trip, or when you’re chilling in your yard.



For CBD pre-rolls to stand out they must be unique in some way. ELLZ Originals have one major feature that makes them tastier and more smokable than other hemp pre-rolls. And that’s its proprietary, hand-made, flavorful rolling paper. It originates from organic, vegan (plant-based) ingredients, including parts of the hemp plant.

Most other companies use pre-rolled cones, which burn fast and don’t have any flavor. However, these ELLZ Originals have a tasty wrap that supply good flavor just like a blunt does (but without the tobacco). Also, each of the CBD joints was rolled by a real person, not some machine.

Furthermore, the ground-up hemp flower inside this product comes from U.S. farms that apply organic growing methods. That means there’s no GMOs, heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxins, or microbial contaminants. And you can verify this by reading the third-party lab reports.

To access these reports, use your phone to scan the QR code on the pouch. You’ll also see the CBD potency and you can verify that each of the CBD blunts has less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC.

Product Size
2 hemp pre-rolls with a little under 1 gram of CBD flower in each one

Suggested Use
Light the end of the CBD blunt and take a few hits. If you want stronger, more relaxing effects take some more puffs.

CBD hemp flower and a naturally flavored hemp wrap

Grown in the USA