Serenity Kratom 15ct 1gram
Serenity Kratom 15ct 1gram
Serenity Kratom 15ct 1gram
Serenity Kratom 15ct 1gram

Serenity Kratom 15ct 1gram

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  • Green Vein: Combines pain-relieving properties of red strain with the energetic boost of a white strain.
  • Serenity Green Vein Maeng Da: Positive mood enhancement, Pain relief, Energizer, Mental alertness, Analgesic if taken in larger amounts
  • Serenity Green Vein May Lay: Positive Mood Enhancement, Pain Relief, Increased Sensory and Motor Function, Enhanced Motivation, Euphoric Effects.
  • Serenity Green Vein Thai: Positive Mood Enhancement, Energy, Stimulation, Focus. Low Side Effects, Best early in day.
  • Red Vein: Best pain-relieving and sedative qualities.
  • Serenity Red Vein Bali: Positive Mood Enhancement, Pain Relief, Stress Relief, Anti- Depression.
  • Gentle and Sedating. Used by opiate addicts to wean themselves off synthetic medication.
  • Serenity Red Vein Thai: Ease Anxiety, Depression, Pain Relief.
  • More stimulating than Red Vein Bali.
  • White Vein: Stimulant, Positive mood enhancer, Energy, Coffee substitute.
  • White Vein Indo/Sumatra: Boosts the cognitive functioning, Focus.
  • Great for work /study activities.
  • Serenity White Vein Maeng Da: Enhances mental activity, Focus, Energy, Helps with fatigue.
  • Best used in mornings and or nights that you will be up late.
  • Serenity White Vein Thai: Intense sedative energy boost,
  • Effective for motivation and inspiration, also for tedious work.
  • Yellow Vein: Energy and Calmness, Mind clearing effect,
  • Serenity Yellow Vein Borneo: Balance, Soothes the stomach, elevates mood and helps mood swings, Heightens the visual perception.
  • Originates from using young white, or green vein leaves and through a different drying technique.



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