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Destiny Forever

Red Rock Mountain

Red Rock Mountain

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Red Rock Mountain - part of the "Mountain" series. It is made of red jasper, tigers eye, black onyx and hematite.

The middle stone is Yamatodamashii engraved on Red Jasper. Red Jasper is good for calming anxiety and helping to deal with stressful situations, giving inner peace. It brings kindness and comfort and promotes healing through tough times. 

Wine tigers eye to  bring luck, integrity, pride, will power, practicality, courage and prosperity.

Black onyx to provide strength, stamina and power and promote the fighting Samurai spirit. Onyx is great for negating negative energy, enhancing self-control and encourages wise decision making.

Hematite to close the bracelet which is good for body aches and pains, balance, focus and concentration.

The overall spirit of the bracelet is to give energy, strength and prosperity during challenging times.

The thread colors used here are “black” on the inside and “maroon” on the outside.

The Japanese symbols/kanji says "Yamatodamashii" (大和魂) which is roughly translated to "The Samurai Spirit". It was a name given to Enson by the Japanese media and people for the way he fought. It evolved into a philosophy and way of life as it incorporates values of Integrity, Honor, Compassion and Loyalty. So it has become a way of living and values to aspire to and live through.




For sizing, it is important to get it right, so please double check your size when you order. You can measure your wrist by recording the circumference around it. It is important to get the correct size to ensure your custom bracelet fits well. Example: a 6 inch bracelet will fit any wrist up to 6 inches. 



Some stones are unique and vary in color. Lighting can also change the look of the stones too - every effort has been made to make sure the stones are fairly represented in the photos on display.

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